Problem: Malwarebytes unable to connect to service

Staying safe on the internet should be our number one concern. These days we do a lot of things online which include online banking, online purchase, sensitive data submission, etc. Protection of the digital devices from the external threats has become an essential part of the modern life.

Malwarebytes is a cybersecurity application that is aimed to protect both individuals and businesses from the danger associated with a malware attack. Malwarebytes scans and removes malware from the devices running all the modern operating systems from Windows to Mac OS and Linux. Although it can be called a very reliable software, sometimes you may encounter some problems. The article will dive into the details of solving the “Malwarebytes unable to connect to service” problem.

The possible solution that can be performed by any user

It is obvious that the application will not be able to establish the contact with the server if its services are disable on the user’s computer. To check that, you have to follow the steps bellow:

* Launch the Windows services tab using the administrator rights;

* Locate services of application and open the main folder;

* Find the option that changes the startup value and set it to automatic;

* If the application is disabled, switch it to the “running” mode.

Reinstall Malwarebytes

The problem with the connection to the server may also occur after installing the unstable or incompatible version of the program.

To reinstall it you have:

* Launch the application and open up a settings tab;

* Find the option that is responsible for uninstalling the application. It is located in the advanced settings tab.

* After deleting the program from the system you should visit an official website to download the latest version of it;

* Run the installation file.

Reboot the system and try to connect to the server again.

Interference of the antivirus application

Some services of particular antiviruses can cause malfunctions in the work processes of Malwarebytes. Try disabling them temporarily.

Avast antivirus:

* Open the Avast user interface;

* Go to the settings tab;

* Select a “disable the antivirus” option and confirm your actions.

McAfee application:

* Search for McAfee and launch the program;

* Select Exit.

* Confirm that you really want to disable the services of the application.

AVG Antivirus:

* Launch the application’s menu;

* Choose the option that disables its activity temporarily;

* Choose the period you want it to be disabled for;

* Confirm your actions.

Windows Defender application:

* Go to the main Windows menu and locate the protection tab;

* Find the “real-time protection” function and turn it off.

Try launching Malwarebytes again to check the status of the connection to the server.

Final thoughts

Malwarebytes unable to connect to service can be caused by several things which include corrupt installation, antivirus interference, etc. Above we have mentioned ways to tackle this problem in other to optimize the function of Malwarebytes.